Our Purpose

The Cocke County Partnership is a service-based organization consisting of: the Newport/Cocke County Economic Development Commission, the Newport/Cocke County Chamber of Commerce and the Newport/Cocke County Tourism Council. The purpose of the Cocke County Partnership is to enhance the county’s economic climate.

Chamber of Commerce

The Cocke County Chamber of Commerce sets the vision for the community and what it will become. Newport/Cocke County believes, through partnerships, we can provide both economic opportunity and quality of life for all citizens and businesses in Cocke County and around the region.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Commission works with local governments and agencies to help recruit new jobs to the Newport/Cocke County area. The Commission also focuses on the expansion of existing businesses and promoting tourism to the area.

Tourist Development

Tourism development is an important aspect of the Newport/Cocke County area. The main goal is to attract visitors to the area to see and experience all of the great things to do in Newport and Cocke County TN.